Available Pets

BENJI is a great looking guy in need of a new home due to his owners recent passing.

Benji is healthy boy who is very sweet and affectionate. He is happy and playful, and even loves to be brushed! Benji lived with six other cats for many years, and gets along very well with others. 
Benji has had a lot to adjust to recently, and deserves a place to settle in and call home again. He’s a great cat and would love to meet you!


 VINNY is a handsome young pitbull who is just under two years of age and weighs 52 pounds.

Vinny is a great guy who loves people and enjoys being around them. He can be energetic and playful, but is also content hanging out on the couch for some down time. Vinny enjoys long walks, especially on the Prairie Path, and rides well in the car.

Vinny came to us with terrible bite wounds on his head, neck and chest. We believe he was used as a bait dog. Probably due to his past experiences, Vinny can be reactive around male dogs. Because of this, we would love to find Vinny a home where he is the only dog.

Vinny will be an incredibly devoted and loyal companion to whomever is lucky enough to adopt him and share their life with him!